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coding lesson by coding bee in a cafe

Dive into Coding Mastery at Coding Bee Academy

Dear parents, introduce your children to a world where they don’t just use technology—they shape it.

At Coding Bee Academy, we believe in the magic of transformation through education. As a leading coding school, we aim to unlock the next generation's potential and guide them to a bright future. Our team offers coding lessons to embed vital programming skills, helping each student confidently navigate the tech world.

Computer science isn't just about understanding a computer language or getting your head around algorithms. It's about fostering computational thinking and encouraging an adaptive mindset ready for the challenges of the future. At our academy, we don't just teach computer science; we inspire passion. Our immersive coding environment cultivates curiosity and the desire to explore, making learning an adventure.

The curriculum we offer goes beyond typical child education. Every coding class is an opportunity to gain practical coding knowledge and to develop a solid foundation in technology. Given the fast-changing tech and programming landscape, we keep our courses updated to meet industry needs.

Your child will achieve more than just academic success. We give them sought-after skills, positioning them for success in coding careers or any tech-related path. We value grades, but we also want our students to leave excited and confident about tech.

In essence, Coding Bee Academy is more than just a school. It serves as a foundation for their future. We turn dreams into reality in each session, bringing students closer to a promising future.

What People Say

Students, parents and partners trust us for good reasons

student in suit

Matthew / Game Developer / 16 years old

Learning to code at Coding Bee is fun. I have met new friends and the teachers are friendly too. I learned so many things here, like general programming and professional game development. I don’t only learn the computer science theories but I also learn how to make good apps and games. By going through Coding Bee Academy’s lessons, I can have better mindsets and skills on something called Coding - it has become the most developed passion I have. My interest in coding keeps going up and up. That’s all! Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that learning CODING IS FUN! LET’S CODE!

Education Partners

Our computer science curriculum is recognized and used by prestigious schools and partners from all over the country

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Why Choose Coding Bee Academy

A dual focus on both coding curriculum and pedagogy

  • State-of-the-art curriculum and best teaching practice ensures the best coding education for your child

  • Your child will learn: practical coding skills, digital safety & wellbeing, computational thinking, etc

  • Backed by professional teachers, researchers and academic consultants

Support system for your child

  • Personalised learning strategies to cater to the unique needs of your child

  • Communication on your child's progress

  • 1 coding teacher + 1 academic consultant to guide your child's progress

A great learning environment for young coders

  • We offer online and offline lessons for your convenience

  • We provide happy, collaborative and inquisitive learning environment

  • Instil the love of coding and confidence into your child

Qualified and passionate teachers

  • Highly strict selection process

  • Extensive training program and certified teachers

  • Our teachers are passionate and care for the learning outcome of your child

mother and daughter learn coding with roblox on a laptop

About Coding Bee Academy

A Vision of Parents, For Parents at Coding Bee Academy

In our fast-paced world, the current education system sometimes falls short in preparing kids for tech-forward futures. At Coding Bee Academy, founded by parents, we pivot this narrative. We saw a gap in coding education and the need for a more comprehensive place to learn coding. We established the Coding Bee Academy, where children go beyond using technology to understanding and building with coding concepts.

Our unique kids coding course curriculum is a testament to this. We craft every course with care, aiming to provide a rich learning experience that ignites a child's natural curiosity. Within our engaging classroom, kids develop a passion for software development and drones, making coding for kids a holistic experience. Find out more about our journey here!

We aim for our students to become more than just tech consumers. We mold them into tech creators, passionate about technology, equipped with vital coding skills, and ready to shape tomorrow.

But our vision goes beyond just coding. It's about instilling a deeper appreciation for technology's vast potential. Our goal is to prepare the younger generation for a future deeply intertwined with technology and essential coding concepts.

Considering a premiere place for your child to acquire coding skills and have a transformative learning experience? We believe Coding Bee Academy is the ideal place to learn coding you're seeking. Being part of our growing community means aligning with a shared vision: empowering our children for the future.

If this is what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to find a place to learn coding for kids by getting in touch and learning more about joining our growing community. If there's any question, please refer to our FAQ for more detailed information. Immerse yourself and understand the world of Coding Bee Academy.


Ruko Golf Island, Theme Park Block D No. 25, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara, Jakarta, DKI Jakarta

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