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What We Do At Coding Bee Academy?

Our goal is to equip the next generation with coding and STEM skills, inspiring them to learn to code and change the world.

At Coding Bee Academy, we emphasize the critical role of coding and programming in the modern age. Our mission is to foster skilled coders, enhancing their coding skills and passion for positive change. From the basics of a coding course to mastering a programming language, we are here to guide. Many kids started their journey of learning coding with us, turning their app ideas into reality and creating tangible impacts.

Whether you're diving into the world of coding and programming or seeking an advanced coding course, we're the optimal choice. We focus on providing top-quality education, equipping our students with the programming skills to make the world a better place. With diverse programs, a strong focus on coding, and expert instructors, the experience at Coding Bee Academy is unique.

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Our Story

As parents, we often question the current education system: "Does it prepare our children for the future?" At Coding Bee Academy, we've embraced the mission to ensure they're equipped with the most relevant skills, especially coding, a skill vital to learn today.

Together with other parents who share our concerns and vision, we've meticulously crafted a coding curriculum that merges the joys of learning with the demands of today's tech landscape. Our hands-on coding education at Coding Bee Academy not only enhances student learning experiences but also kindles a passion for technology. This results in students who not only consume technology but are adept at creating it — be it software, apps, or even robotics. Their learning today positions them as future technology leaders.

Our Core Values

Students & Parents are like family to us

Learning has to be fun and exciting

We build relationships based on honesty, transparency and trust

We are constantly improving

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