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Code Olympiad 2023: Encouraging Young Minds to Develop Sustainable Lifestyles

Diperbarui: 7 Sep

Code Olympiad 2023

Code Olympiad 2023 has been successfully organized with great enthusiasm, participated by more than 1000 participants from more than 300 schools, and involved more than 10 different countries. This programming competition for 5-18 year olds aims to introduce computer science early on and increase students' interest in computer science so as to prepare them for future challenges that will be more complex.

The theme of this year's Code Olympiad is "Sustainable Lifestyle", which invites participants to create innovative solutions that can positively impact the environment and encourage healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. The projects that resulted from the competition proved that young people can be a vessel for change and make a real contribution to maintaining the balance and sustainability of the earth.

The participants were tested in various categories such as Game Development, Mobile Application, and Software Development. In addition, the participants were also given the opportunity to expand their social network and interact with participants from other countries. This opened up opportunities for them to learn more about the culture and life in other countries.

This year, Code Olympiad was organized and supported by four partners who were instrumental in promoting the competition in their respective countries, namely Coding Bee Academy from Indonesia, Codercub from Mongolia, Thate Pan Hub from Myanmar, and Women in Tech from Maldives. The challenge posed to this year's Code Olympiad participants was an interesting one. They were challenged to combine technology with sustainability to create innovative solutions. There were projects that created apps to promote sustainable lifestyles, others that created more efficient waste management systems, and many more creative ideas.

This year's theme was important in introducing computer science to children from an early age and getting them to think about how to live a better and more sustainable life. We can see through the projects that come out of these competitions, that young people have great potential to come up with innovative and creative solutions that benefit the environment and society.

As such, Code Olympiad is a programming competition that is meaningful and provides great benefits to children. We hope that Code Olympiad can continue to run and become a bigger platform to foster interest in learning computer science around the world and prepare the younger generation for a future that is increasingly dependent on technology.

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