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Making Your Child's First Game with Scratch: A Complete Guide!

Diperbarui: 7 Sep

Have you ever heard of Scratch before?

If not, you're in the right place! Scratch is a visual programming tool that allows children to create their own games, animations, and interactive stories. No complicated code to memorize; it's all block-based and easy to understand.

A Brief History of Scratch

Developed by a team at MIT, Scratch was created with a single vision: to make coding easy and fun for everyone, especially children. Since its launch, the platform has become incredibly popular among educators and parents worldwide.

Getting to Know the Scratch Interface

From here on, we'll dive into the technical aspects. Don't worry, we'll explain it in the simplest terms.

1. Scratch Work Environment

When you first open Scratch, you'll see a workspace consisting of several parts:

  • Stage: This is where all the action happens.

  • Sprites: Characters or objects you can add and program.

  • Blocks Palette: The place where various programming blocks are stored.

2. Key Tools and Features

Scratch has many tools that make it a highly versatile platform. You can add sound, change the background, and even add video!

Steps to Create the First Game

Let's create your child's first game!

1. Choosing the Game Theme

Your child may already have an idea of the theme they want. Perhaps an adventure game, racing, or a puzzle?

2. Setting the Background and Characters

In Scratch, you can choose from various backgrounds and characters that are already available or create your own. Fun, isn't it?

3. Basics of Programming with Scratch Blocks

Now it's time to move on to the most exciting part! Using simple blocks, your child can:

  • Make characters move.

  • Add sound.

  • And much more!

Tips and Tricks When Teaching Children

Teaching kids isn't always easy. But these tips may help:

  • Patience is key. If your child is struggling, help them through the process.

  • Always remember to give praise. Encouragement and motivation can go a long way!

Additional Resources

Once your child starts getting comfortable with Scratch, there are many other resources that can help them deepen their skills:

  • Books about Scratch.

  • More advanced online courses.

  • Scratch community where they can share projects and learn from others.


Coding is not just about writing lines of code; it's about creative thinking, problem-solving, and even teamwork. By introducing your child to Scratch, you are giving them the opportunity to learn all these skills while having fun.

Ready to get started? Sit down with your child, open Scratch, and watch their imagination take over. And if you need further assistance, Coding Bee Academy is ready to help. Contact us via WhatsApp at 081288481182.

Happy coding! 🚀

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