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4 Benefits of Learning to Code at Young Age

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Computational Thinking - Computational thinking is the ability to solve complex problems by breaking them down and structure them in a way that computers and/or humans can understand and solve. This is a very powerful problem solving skills that our child can learn through coding.

Career Opportunities - In US, about 60% of math and science jobs are computing jobs, and yet only 2% of math and science students are computer science students. The shortage of programmers are already happening now and it will only worsen in the future. Learning coding skills will ensure our children excellent career opportunities in the future (and now).

Support Academic Performance - Learning to code helps to cognitive development of kids. Kids learn abstract thinking, problem-solving, critical thinking and mathematical skills as they use their skills to build software. Students also gain invaluable soft-skills like perseverance (any programmers who have spent hours debugging can attest to this) and confidence (more on this later).

Ability to Turn Ideas into Reality is Empowerment - Coding can be very cool because kids are given the ability to turn their ideas into reality. They can turn anything they can imagine into software and even robots. This kind of empowerment gives our children a special kind of confidence, that even they have the tools to create a better world.

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