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5 Benefits of Coding for Children that Parents Need to Understand

Updated: Feb 15

Every parent wants their child to be good at a certain field. If you want your child to be able to understand more about the world of technology, then learning to code as early as possible is highly recommended. Moreover, the benefits of coding for children are also very large, one of which can affect personality and skills.

Learning to code basically doesn't have to be required through difficult material. As for children, coding can be introduced through simple games or conventional learning for basic material. The following is an explanation of some of the benefits that children will receive when they are active in learning coding:

1. Honing Troubleshooting

During learning to code, children need to learn to think coherently and organized. For example, when you are running a game, of course you need the right strategy to win the game. Including determining each step that must be chosen so that the game can run according to the target that has been set.

Basic skills like this can not only be useful in making computer programming or coding. But it can also be practiced in more complex daily life. So, when there is a problem, a child can think of solutions to solving the problem more systematically.

2. Easy to Understand How Technology Works

Coding tends to lead to technology, so learning it will make it easier for someone to understand how technology works. As is commonly understood, technology is basically always evolving. So by understanding how technology works, one will never be left behind when the latest technology emerges.

3. Get used to try and persevere

When trying new things, including learning coding, of course, it will not be as easy as imagined. Because, there is a possibility that children also experience some failures when coding. However, the occurrence of these errors will actually make children more motivated to try and be diligent in practicing coding.

4. Increase Creativity

During learning coding, children will get acquainted with various colors, animations, writing, and so on. The combination of these various characters will increase the creativity of the child. For example, when playing games that contain elements of simple coding, which requires player creativity.

This increased creativity as one of the benefits of coding for children will also have a good influence in the future. Creative thinking generated from game coding will also encourage skills in other fields. For example, the ability to write and speak, which also increases with learning to code.

5. Give birth to a Positive Personal

Not all children are born with a high level of self-confidence. Because, sometimes there are some children who are too inferior in making decisions. Through various exercises carried out on the game coding application, it is hoped that it can increase children's confidence to take a certain decision.

At first glance this may seem trivial, but high self-confidence will also bring a positive personality. Without realizing it, learning to code will also make children better prepared to deal with various problems in the real world. It is hoped that it will be easier for a child in the future to adapt in a new environment. For example, the school environment and the workplace.

That's an explanation of the benefits of coding for children that parents need to understand. Introducing coding to children can be started from simple basic games. For example, by introducing children to games that require logic to be solved. So, the existence of the game can train coding skills at a basic level.

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