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5 Ways to Make Coding Lessons Effective for Children

Updated: 2 days ago

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Learning programming languages ​​by understanding coding, one of them can be taken with coding lessons. However, not a few of the course participants failed to apply their knowledge after the course ended. Not only do you have to practice often, but there are 7 things that can be applied so that coding course participants remain effective until the program is finished.

1. Keep the Material Book

The usual thing to do after coding lessons is to throw away the material. Moreover, if the material is given in the form of a book. Nowadays more people choose to watch video tutorials instead of reading books.

However, this assumption turned out to be inaccurate. Coding is an activity to understand computer language. In implementing it there is also a certain syntax that is different for each software and device. It must be written in the book, ranging from special codes, syntax, to the explanation of its function.

Although in the video tutorial there must also be an explanation, but it will be more difficult to play the video because it must be memorized in how many minutes the speaker explains it. It is different with books, which can be easily opened and explanations are found more quickly.

2. Practice by Teaching it

There is a saying so that knowledge is not quickly lost, teach one thing that was learned today. This proverb is also useful when you want to keep remembering complex computer languages ​​by trying to teach.

Of course, teaching in this case does not need to be formal in an institution. Instead, you can find friends, relatives, or closest family members, to become partners. Practice as if the partner is a student and try to teach what you have learned from today's coding lesson.

3. Play Games

There is a fun activity that is no less educational, namely playing games. It turns out, playing games doesn't always have a negative effect, especially if you're learning coding. Games actually have concepts to help understand difficult things.

Learning to code by playing games is the same as learning while practicing what is being learned. If you keep repeating what is being played in the game, then indirectly the pattern will be embedded in the brain and memorized by itself.

4. Learn Other People's Coding Results

In addition to requiring material from a mentor, learning to code can also grow and be remembered by studying the results of coding made by other people. Not a few participants in coding lessons have applied their knowledge, by making animations or games.

Pay attention to the function of the coding used, then try to explore and write it down in a book. That way, there will be additional information or new knowledge that can be discussed with the mentor. Furthermore, the knowledge of the course will not be lost quickly.

5. Apply the coding you want to make

Basically the same as courses in other fields. If not put into practice, the theory will quickly disappear. Likewise, if you take a coding course, but don't apply the theory in practice. Instead, determine what you want to make, then immediately put it into practice.

For example, if you want to learn coding to make a game or online game, then build your own game using the coding theory you have learned. Turn the motivation to learn coding into a real work, so that the application of knowledge can continue to be developed.

Several ways can be done so that the coding lessons taken can be effective. Although there are already free courses, that does not mean that the theory gained can be quickly forgotten without concrete practice and results. Of course, because taking a free course also requires an investment of time that must be paid for with work.

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