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7 Main Activities in Coding Lessons for Elementary Level Children

Updated: Oct 30

coding lesson activities

Programming learning can be instilled in children aged 5 to 12 years. Parents can choose coding lessons that can be an intermediary to develop children's creativity and innovation. To be more confident, parents can also listen to various materials that will be received by children while attending the course.

Because they are still beginners, the programming language given to children is also at a basic level. Because, at this time children still need to practice using logic well in solving coding problems. Here's an overview of some of the main activities that are mostly held at the tutoring site:

1. Introduction to Coding

The main purpose of coding lessons is to provide a fun learning environment so that children can develop their ability to use logic. At the beginning of learning, students will be given a conceptual understanding of coding and its benefits. In addition, the instructor will also provide material in the form of a basic understanding of computers.

2. Introduction to Script Box

For beginners, learning to code can be done using a special platform that allows children to create animations. However, how to make it just by clicking and dragging on the Script Box. Usually this command is intended to create a character and set the background of an animation.

3. Introduction to Blocks Code

Practicing coding for the first time is easier when you use blocks of code. Children will be asked to try to create an animation based on the available block code. Because it is instantaneous, through this block code, children can immediately make commands without worrying about the programming language used.

4. Deep in Motion

In coding lessons, generally children will learn 2D animation. So that the coordinate system used is vertical and horizontal. After successfully creating animated characters, children will also be given an understanding of motion which functions to regulate motion. Practicing motion can also make it easier for children to understand coordinate system mathematics.

In addition to coordinates, children will also learn about directions. This material is directly related to using angles, just like studying Mathematics about angles. By understanding the direction, children will know the position of the character in detail. So it's easy to adjust the motion of an animation.

5. Introduction to Events

After the child understands coding through block code, it will be easy to learn to make command functions. These animation settings are known as Events, which can be executed by selecting one of the options provided. For example, by selecting the move command so that the object or character created can move.

6. Learning About Loops

Even though they are able to move characters well, children also need to understand about Loops. This menu is included in the Control Box category which is useful for setting the time it takes to move the character. Thus, the child can adjust the animation movement as desired.

7. Quiz

Not only getting material, during the course students will also get a quiz about coding. Usually the quiz contains a project to create a simple animation using Blocks Code. Children will be asked to create animations based on the material they have received, such as motion, loops, events, and so on.

These are the main activities that are carried out when children take coding lessons so that their creativity will develop. As for each material provided, it will continue to increase in line with the age of the child. So, if the child already understands the basic material, it will be easier to learn coding at a higher level.

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