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Coding Learning Materials for Children and Its Various Benefits

Coding is an activity that is being introduced to children. Since the pre-school level, learning to code for children will be a fun activity, and provide wide benefits. Not only limited to making games, children can also practice making educational videos. Thus, children already have creations that provide benefits since childhood.

Coding is written and typed in a script called a programming language. Today, there are thousands of languages, but HTML, Python, and JavaScript are the most common programming languages. The code is typed into a code editor that has been downloaded to the computer.

1. Python

Learning python is not limited by age. In fact, even children will easily learn this programming language. Python tends to be easy to learn and easy to read when compared to other programming languages.

This programming language has many features that even children can enjoy. Using Python, children will learn to create fun animations, even challenging games. There will be many graphics and animations that can be processed and designed into interesting programs.

A complete understanding of Python can start with creating a graphical interface, understanding object-oriented programming, understanding nested-loop and its functions. Not only that, this material can also optimize children to use Python libraries to develop games and other advanced software.

Some games developed in python, such as Mario and Angry Birds, are not impossible for children to repackage. Thus, learning to code from an early age not only trains children with creativity, but also equips children with creative abilities and creates entrepreneurial opportunities.

2. App Development

If many are wondering about learning coding materials for children, then don't think too much about it. This will actually slow down the child's progress in understanding computer codes. Coding is actually just writing code manually and entered into a computer. These are instructions for the computer to understand what to do.

Likewise, if children learn how to build applications on gadgets by learning coding. Building apps is an easy-to-understand and fun activity for kids. In detail, this is the perfect output if one masters the art of coding.

At this level, children are expected to have a higher understanding of programming. In addition, there will also be levels that make children understand about Application development, App Inventor, and Block-Based Programming.

Mastering App Development, children will be more proficient in developing applications, creating games, tools, and other useful designs such as complex application functions, Android storage structures, and even location trackers.

3. Web Development

Web development courses are also interesting material for children. Building a web can not only be learned by professionals, but can also be done by children. An understanding of web development, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, will be the capital for the children's future.

Children will practice developing websites that can be practiced at school, creating educational websites to develop their social networks, also using Logical Loops and Conditionals in JavaScript to create websites.

Coding learning materials for children can also be adapted to the needs of the children's world. For example, children can learn to code to create educational games or educational videos. Thus, children will have useful creations that can be shared with their friends.

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