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Digital Citizenship for Kids

Updated: Oct 30

We live in an exciting world with unprecedented connectivity. But this connectivity also comes with challenges and danger that we need to be aware of.

Not only do we believe it is important to teach coding to our children, it is also important to teach them Digital Citizenship and Online Safety. A good Digital Citizen knows how to use technology in a responsible and appropriate manners (Digital Citizenship is simply a guideline and norms when one is navigating the digital world). It governs how to behave online in a responsible and safe manners. How to protect ourselves from illegal activities and viruses. How to think critically and identify hoaxes.

Being a good Digital Citizens will enable our children to gain maximum benefits of technology usage while avoiding all the negative effects that come with it. We hope parents and educators will be more aware of this concept and be actively involved helping our children navigate the internet.

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Good Digital Citizenship
From Virtual Library

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