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Fun and Effective Coding Learning Method for Children Applied

Learning the science of coding can provide various benefits for children. This knowledge will foster logical thinking skills and provide good soft skills for children. It takes the right method so that the learning activity of coding for this child can run smoothly. The following are several choices of learning methods that can be applied so that children master coding faster:

1. Create a Mind Map

Before starting to learn coding, of course, children must first know the theory of introductory coding material. Children must understand the meaning of coding and other basic things that are indeed important as capital in mastering this field. To make it easier to master the basics of science, mind mapping can be used.

Mind mapping is a means of creative thinking that will make it easier for a child's brain to understand something. Explanations are presented in the form of attractive and concise images. By looking at the picture, the child can immediately understand the content of the information to be conveyed. The use of this mind mapping system will also make it easier for children to remember.

2. Apply Explanation by Analogy

So that an explanation of the basics of coding can enter the child's brain, try to use an analogy. Actually children have the ability to understand coding quickly, even faster than adults. However, at the beginning of getting to know coding, children need an easy-to-understand way of introduction.

In addition to using mind mapping, the use of analogies can also be the right choice. Children may find it difficult if they have to understand terms or heavy explanations about computer science. But this can be easier if the child understands it through an analogous explanation. Of course the analogy used must be simple and familiar with the world of children.

3. Use Games

The most exciting way to learn coding for children is to use games. There are many choices of games that can hone children's logic and are designed to make it easier for children to understand coding. Of course, learning to code through this game will be an effective and fun way for children.

Examples of games that are designed to learn coding are Tynker, Code Kingdom: Treasure, CodeSpark Academy: Kids Coding, and so on. Teachers who teach children to master coding will also usually provide several choices of games. Learning to code through games will make it easier for a child's brain to be skilled in this field.

4. Give Watch Video

Children also tend to prefer to watch visuals, both pictures and videos. Try to get children to master coding through educational videos. Learning the science of coding is generally carried out online. No wonder the media used for learning is more often in the form of educational videos. Through explanations and presentations in videos, children will more easily capture and remember the knowledge given.

5. Give a Plunge to the Field

If the child is deemed to have mastered the theory enough, then immediately provide the opportunity for the child to immediately jump into the field. For the initial stages, first invite the child to know the device that will be used as a coding medium. Allow children to operate computers, laptops, or other devices that will be used for coding. After that, allow children to start practicing their coding skills creatively.

Learning to code for children is actually a very fun activity if the method used is right. Learning coding from an early age will be much easier and the results will also be more optimal. Make sure to choose a quality children's coding learning institution so that children have a fun learning experience.

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