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How Can Children Understand the Coding Material Taught?

Updated: Sep 7

Coding Kids

Out there, the perception that coding is a difficult subject is still embedded in people's mindset. That's why parents are often hesitant to enroll their children in coding schools, fearing they might feel overwhelmed and stressed. However, there are now many fun coding learning methods that even young children can learn.

A common question in parents' minds is: can young children really grasp the coding lessons given?

The answer is, YES!

Coding Bee Academy has a specialized curriculum to make it easy for children to learn coding from an early age. Unlike the usual monotonous coding lessons, Coding Bee Academy has a specific software for learning coding. For elementary to junior high school students, they will learn coding using a visual block method. While older students will be taught coding material using text-based methods and explore various programming languages.

To keep students engaged, they are given a special project in each session. This project is related to the material presented in that session. There is also a final project at the end. Usually, students are tasked to create apps, software, or games. There's no compulsion; they are free to create whatever they want. With this method, not only do children easily understand coding lessons, but they also don’t feel burdened.

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