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Know 5 Tips to Learn Coding for Children Easily Self-taught

Learning coding really requires logic, this activity will also train the skills that children have. That is why, parents can listen to various tips on learn coding for children that can be done self-taught. So that later, it will be easier for a child to explore further understanding about coding.

Along with the times, most jobs require an understanding of technology. So, learning to code will certainly bring good benefits in getting used to technology. As a form of practice, parents can introduce coding to their children through several learning tips, as explained below:

1. Increase English Vocabulary

When reviewing most of the references found on the internet, more material about coding is delivered using foreign languages. So, a basic understanding of English at least needs to be understood for a child. Not just reading on the internet, but books on coding and workshops that are held more often using English as an introduction.

In addition to making it easier to find references, mastering a foreign language will be very beneficial for students. Given that most formulas are made through programming languages ​​using English. If there are difficulties, parents can also direct their children to learn English through the help of a translator.

2. Learn the Simplest Concepts

Learning new things is not instant, there is always a process that students need to go through. To gain a broader understanding of coding, of course, it takes practice in learning simple material. The basics for coding can start by getting to know some games that hone logic. So, the child will be easy to adjust the material that is more difficult.

3. Make Scheduled Study

The biggest obstacle when learn coding for children generally lies in laziness. This is indeed very natural to happen when doing something, not just when learning to code. However, parents can avoid these bad habits by making a special study schedule for their children. Thus, the division of time between learning and playing becomes more effective.

If you only aim to introduce coding without going deep into it, studying once a week is enough. However, to gain broader knowledge, it can be achieved by scheduling more regular study. Thus, the ability to understand programming languages ​​is increasingly honed along with self-taught at home routines.

4. Increase Study References

Buying books is an option in getting more detailed information about coding. If you don't want to spend too much budget, parents can also direct their children to look for references on the internet. Because, currently there are lots of articles both in Indonesian and foreign languages ​​discussing coding that can be used as references.

5. Trying to Create Your Own Formula

Learning to code for children most effectively can be done by practicing directly in making formulas. The main target of this activity is not just finding new programs or functions. Instead, every time a child finds an error or error in coding, a curiosity will arise to explore his ability to solve the problem.

The more you practice, the creative soul will continue to develop along with the learning stages. The high creativity will make beginners increasingly challenged to explore programming languages. Likewise, after successfully finding a function, children will also be more enthusiastic to create new, better formulas.

That's the discussion of learning coding tips for children in an effort to hone skills in making programming languages. Scheduled practice can certainly make a child more fluent in understanding coding. But of course it would be better if you get mentoring from the experts so that the child's abilities are more honed.

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