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Knowing the Importance and Benefits of Coding for Children

Updated: Oct 30

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The digital era introduced the education sector to learning to code. Not only limited to professional programmers, but there are also benefits of coding for children, which means learning to code is also open to children. This is an indication that technology can be learned by anyone. There is no age limit to develop yourself with technology.

Is It Important for Children to Learn Coding?

It is known that coding is an activity of communicating with devices, by processing commands so that they can be understood and executed. Computers and gadgets, do not speak like humans in everyday language. However, the device has its own language to execute commands from the gadget owner.

The digital era has begun to enter and open its doors for anyone who wants to adapt to technology. This includes the benefits of coding for children, who are also given the opportunity to mingle, learn, and even master technology from an early age.

Children are the age that must be directed to various creativity, one of which is coding. By learning coding, children can optimize the use of programming languages ​​for the things they like, and are attached to the child's world. This is an overview of the benefits of coding for children.

For example, children can build a game or animation. Games and animation are things that children like. Of course, it would be more fun if the kids also understand how games and animations work. In addition, there are also robotic activities which have recently been contested and many of the participants are children.

Benefits of Learning Coding for Children

Along with the importance of children adapting to the digital era, the benefits of coding for children are also seen in some of the skills and self-development of children as follows:

1. Critical and Computational Thinking

One of the 21st century skills that must be possessed is critical thinking. By having critical thinking, then someone will have the will to move forward and continue to develop themselves. This includes technology.

Related to technology, thinking skills are coupled with computational thinking, which will help children improve their thinking skills in a systematic, structured, and logical way. By learning to code, children will learn simple algorithms, the ultimate goal of which is problem solving with computers.

2. Train Creativity

Children are a golden period that must be introduced and optimized for creativity. Learning to code will also train children to hone skills based on their creativity. Of course, because children will practice making things they like, such as animation, blending images and sounds, to building games.

At the same time, children will develop their imagination, come up with new works and be realized with technology. If this is encouraged, then the basic language skills, namely speaking, and writing, will also increase.

3. Troubleshooting

Practicing problem solving from an early age will make children have the fighting power in the future. Learning to code will be faced with several problems such as error codes, and children must find problems and solve them. Practically children will be trained to find solutions or problem solving, and it will affect their daily lives.

4. Additional Soft Skills

Soft skills training must be gradual and continuous. In addition, the age of the child is also the right time to hone soft skills. Some of the skills that can be honed by learning to code are persistence, logical thinking, and the desire to be creative or create works. The three of them will certainly be very useful in the future for children to meet their world, so they will not just sit idly by.

5. Technological Competitiveness

Familiarizing children with technology will make them feel like they want to develop and learn to master technology. Thus, children will have competitiveness in the field of technology, compared to those who do not study technology.

The various benefits of coding for children should be considered, as a way to develop children's skills and creativity. Make sure children get a place to learn coding that is professional and ready to accompany their need for knowledge.

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