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Learning Coding Platforms: The Game-Changer Your Child Needs Before University

Updated: Sep 24

Learning Coding Platforms: The Game-Changer Your Child Needs Before University

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Coding Platfrom

Hey there, tech-savvy parents!

Have you ever wondered how you can give your child a competitive edge before university? Especially in this digital age, coding has evolved from a specialized skill to an essential one. But, where do you start?

Let’s embark on this techie journey and find out!

Why Should My Child Learn Coding?

The Digital Era and Its Demands

Our world is driven by technology. From apps to robots, coding is behind most innovations. Gearing up your child with coding skills preps them for a tech-centric university environment and beyond.

Develop Problem-Solving Skills

Coding isn’t just about lines of text. It's a mind exercise! It encourages logical thinking and problem-solving, skills esteemed highly in any university setting.

A Future-Proof Career Edge

Tech industries are booming. With coding knowledge, your child won’t just be another university applicant; they’ll be a potential innovator.

The Best Platforms to Dive into Coding

Worried about where to begin? Don't sweat it; there are numerous platforms tailored to introduce beginners, especially kids, to the world of coding.

Scratch – The Fun Introduction

Developed by MIT, Scratch is an excellent beginner’s platform. It uses block-based coding, perfect for kids to understand basic coding concepts while building games and animations.

Coding Bee Academy – Comprehensive Learning

Known for its diverse educational content, Coding Bee Academy offers coding lessons, especially in JavaScript and SQL. It's suitable for beginners and offers in-depth knowledge.

Encourage Projects and Real-Life Applications

Learning is best cemented when applied.

Build a Personal Website

Encourage your child to create their own website. It could be a blog, a portfolio, or even a small e-commerce site for handmade crafts!

Develop Mobile Apps

There are endless possibilities here. Maybe a task manager app? Or a personalized alarm clock? Let their imagination run wild.

Join Coding Communities

Platforms like GitHub can help your child collaborate on projects, learn from experienced developers, and even showcase their work to potential universities or employers.

Prepping for University Applications

Portfolio Preparation

Having a portfolio of coding projects can make university applications stand out. It demonstrates initiative, hands-on skills, and a commitment to learning.

Online Certifications

Many coding platforms offer certifications upon course completion. While these might not replace formal education, they show drive, dedication, and advanced preparedness for university tech courses.

Balance is Key

As much as coding is beneficial, ensure a balanced learning approach.

Set Aside Non-Screen Time

Ensure your child also engages in physical activities and hobbies that don't involve screens.

Encourage Team Work

Coding can be collaborative. Encourage your child to work on team projects or attend local coding workshops to enhance team-working skills.


As university applications get more competitive, equipping your child with coding skills might just be the secret sauce for success. And remember, it's not just about the tech; it's about molding logical, problem-solving, and innovative minds. Dive in, explore, and let’s shape a tech-forward generation together! Happy coding to your young innovator! 🚀

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