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Must Know! What is coding and its 6 types

Updated: Sep 8

What is Coding

The development of the digital world encourages the emergence of a new profession that is very popular with young people, namely programmers. To become an excellent programmer, the most important thing to learn is coding. So, what is coding? Coding is assembling a line of code as a programming language so that the computer can understand a command. What are the types?

1. Hypertext Markup Language or HTML

Every day, people can not be separated from accessing the website. Well, this website was formed through an HTML programming language. Its function is to create web pages by formatting images, text, videos, and other media.

For a website to function correctly, this HTML programming language must be well structured. The existence of HTML coding is very important in forming internet networks and web browsers that users use on a daily basis.

2. JavaScript

In the programming world, JavaScript is the most popular. This type of coding is a language that can be used to create various codes ranging from website building to video game creation. Application makers generally master JavaScript because it can develop applications on smartphones/mobiles and desktops.

Its use is pervasive because it does not need to be translated from the compiler. The compilation process is no longer required, so it is generally relatively easy to understand for people learning to code. Through JavaScript, programmers can create automation on the web. Websites have become more interactive and dynamic.

3. Phyton

Python is the most widely used programming language for companies, both startups, and large ones. It is currently overcoming the popularity of JavaScript. What stands out the most about Python is how easy it is to learn and understand. So, beginners who want to learn to code start by learning Python.

Companies often hunt programmers who are proficient in using Python. The positions offered are varied, ranging from server coding, back-end developer to managerial level. Examples of sites created using the Python programming language are Google, Dropbox, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more.

4. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

This programming language serves to adjust the appearance of a website to make it more attractive. CSS always runs alongside HTML. Users will probably not know how difficult it is to set up a website page created from HTML. It will not look attractive. So from that came the CSS that improves what is made of HTML.

Usually, CSS will create a web display design to make it more attractive, interactive, and engaging for the users. What can CSS set? Many, ranging from fonts, column sizes, rows between paragraphs, backgrounds, and text colors. CSS also can make website layouts!.

5. Java

Do you know that Java is different from JavaScript? Java is the most frequently used language for the Android platform as the base language. Almost all technology-based companies use Java when building their platform and back-end support. Some of the giant companies that use Java are Facebook, Yahoo, and Amazon.

6. Ruby

Talking about "what is coding" isn't complete without discussing Ruby. This programming language continues to rise in popularity because it is pretty easy to understand by all programmers. Companies like Twitter, even AirBnB also use Ruby. Nowadays, Ruby is starting to become more popular for developing the Education platform.

Learning to code can be started from an early age! Beginning at the age of 5 years, you can learn "what is coding". Even you can learn to code from online learning. Are you interested in learning code? Call Coding Bee Online right away, a coding school for all ages. Learn code from anywhere, anytime.

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