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Steps to Teach Coding for Children to Make it Easy & Fun

Updated: Sep 11

Now everyone can learn coding. Although it is not easy, now there are many ways, from courses to applications that can make coding for children easier and easier. Well, for parents who want to teach coding from an early age, here are some easy ways to do it :

1. Teach Start From Game

Coding is an activity that can be applied to many things, from computers to software to games. Well, so that children are interested in learning coding, then the basics of coding for children from games that are technical in nature. Some examples of games that can teach basic coding to children are lego, magnets, robots to electronic circuits.

Without realizing it, by playing these games, children are invited to think logistics and be creative in order to win the game. In addition, there are levels that must be passed in order to build a life in the game.

2. Using the Learning Coding Application

Later, when the children have started to understand how to play the game, then they can start learning programming languages ​​like ScratchJr. It is a visual-based programming language but built interactively. So, when learning to code, children will not notice it and still have fun.

How to use this application is different from adult applications. Here, children don't have to create or write scripts but drag and drop in the provided fields. Later, the code blocks will be arranged into a command and logic so that it can become a program. What makes this application even more interesting is the form of the program which varies from animation, games to other fun programs.

3. Take a Coding Course

Another way to make learning coding for kids easier is to take a coding course. Besides being able to get friends to study with, coding courses can provide a lot of insight for children. The methods used are also very diverse, making coding an easy thing.

For those who want to register their children for coding courses, then try registering codingbee. This is a place to learn coding that can be done online and offline. In addition to having classes for adults, codingbee also has special classes for children.

4. Often Give Exercise

The saying practice makes perfect is a very appropriate term for children who want to learn coding. After understanding how to apply the coding language, then give a lot to the children so that they get used to the practice. The more often they practice, the more they will get used to using coding languages.

If you have mastered one basic coding language, then blame other coding languages ​​so that your knowledge is wider. Slowly but surely, children will learn more advanced coding languages ​​and become more proficient.

5. Coding From Other Sources

There is nothing wrong with educating children coding from other sources such as online games. Although they cannot fully understand the coding language, children can try to interpret each language used. That way, they can try to make their own coding that is similar to the coding they just learned.

So, for parents who want to teach coding to their children, try the steps above. Also, don't forget to include your child in coding courses like at This is a coding course for all ages and circles. In addition, here the participants can study online or offline. By taking this course, children will become more proficient and understand coding.

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