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The Unknown Benefits of Coding for Toddlers

Technological developments are increasingly bringing many benefits, not only for adults but also for toddlers. One of them is a coding course which is also taught to children under 5 years old. Apparently, there are also benefits of coding for toddlers, which will affect their physical and mental growth and development.

1. Computational Thinking

Coding is not only limited to teaching for adults. There are benefits of coding for toddlers that are not widely known. The development of parenting science to support the growth and development of toddlers is increasingly complex along with the development of science and technology.

Many parents and also pre-school educational institutions direct their toddlers to learn coding. Learning coding, which is known as a way of communicating with computers or applications, is one of the techniques taught to toddlers to practice computational thinking.

This new language for children and toddlers will train computational thinking, which is practice to convey thoughts in a structured and logical manner. Toddler period is a time to practice learning to communicate the contents of the mind. Learning to code will help the communication become more structured.

2. Increase Creativity Potential

The benefits of coding for toddlers will also be felt by increasing creativity. Learning to code will familiarize children with various variations in finding solutions. Thus, toddlers will be trained to think outside the box from an early age, and will be helped to optimize their potential.

Coding is a method similar to storytelling. Both methods invite children to imagine and find a series of events, possibilities, and solve them.

Training toddlers by optimizing this intelligence will make them grow into individuals who are not awkward in facing the public. Toddlers will be trained when they grow up to speak in public, express ideas through writing, presentations, discussions, and so on.

3. Growing up to be a Solutions Child

Toddlers are a golden age, where parents must direct them not to be too dependent on others. Although adult assistance is very important at this age, it is not wrong if it is directed to be able to anticipate problems and find answers.

Thus, toddlers will grow to be more careful in acting, practicing calculations on risk, and understanding the actions they take. This is a combination of disciplinary and mathematical action exercises, so you can find a solution.

4. Can Prepare Children Mentally

There are tremendous benefits that will be felt by learning to code. One problem faced when children enter school age, or even later when working, is that they are not mentally tough because they were not honed from an early age.

Learning to code is one way to train children's mental toughness. It starts with step-by-step lessons that must be completed one by one, up to code problems that arise that must be solved. Then slowly the child will grow, not only intelligent but also mentally tough.

5. Later Able to Create Your Own Application

Toddlers who learn to code will be trained to create their own applications. This is sometimes considered too early for toddlers, but not if the goal is to hone IT and mental intelligence from an early age. Various applications that suit his needs will be his imagination, and created from his own hands.

There are so many benefits of coding for toddlers that can be obtained with tenacity and perfect supervision. Apart from parents, teachers and mentors are also the key to the success or failure of coding courses for early childhood. Not only in the short term, these benefits will be felt until the child grows up.

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