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What Coding is and its Functions in the Tech World

Updated: Sep 8

The sophistication of today's technology has indeed opened people's eyes to various types of new things. Including one of them is the science of coding. Before technology developed rapidly, of course, the science of coding was not known by many people. Let's understand further what coding is and its various functions in the technology world.


Starting from the understanding, coding itself can be interpreted as the process of writing code or scripts. In the world of coding technology is writing code using a programming language. In a simpler sense, coding is a way to communicate with a computer system.

In everyday life, we write and read in human language which consists of words. The words we use everyday do not match the language used by computers. That is why special code is needed that can translate human commands so that computers can understand and execute them.

Coding can also be interpreted as an activity of writing and assembling a special command that can be read by humans based on the rules of a particular programming language. This language is then converted into codes so that it can be read by machines. A translator that converts a programming language into code is called a compiler.

Coding Functions in the Tech World

After understanding what coding is, let's find out more about coding functions. Of course, this coding was not created without a clear function. Here are some of the functions of coding in the tech world:

1. Creating Applications

Coding serves as a tool for creating applications. As it is known that currently there are many types of applications starting to develop. The creation of these applications is done by utilising coding and programming languages. Humans are the ones who create and design applications by utilising the knowledge of coding.

Mastery of coding knowledge will make it easier for humans to create various types of applications. That's why each application can have different functions and features also vary. This is because of the existence of coding and programming languages ​​that can be designed by humans so that applications can carry out certain functions.

2. Forming a System

Coding will also form a system in computer devices. All systems running on a device require certain commands. These commands are given by humans in the form of coding and programming languages. If there is no coding, then the system in a device will certainly not be able to run effectively.

3. Build a Website

In making a website will require knowledge of coding. This coding will be a tool to give orders to build a website. Humans can create websites with certain features and functions thanks to the programming language delivered through coding activities. Without coding, the website will not be able to work according to its function and cannot provide benefits.

4. Developing Human Thinking

In a world where technology is developing, people need a more advanced way of thinking. The science of coding can help change the way people think.

Thinking skills are more developed leading to computational thinking where problem solving can be done more rationally and effectively. This kind of thinking ability will certainly be needed both now and in the future.

Now it is well understood what coding is and its various types of functions. The science of coding is now easier to learn even from an early age. More complete coding learning facilities are available and make it easier for anyone to master this knowledge. Coding will be a very useful provision of knowledge considering that technological advances will continue to develop in the future.

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