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What Is Coding and How To Learn Coding In an Easy Way

Updated: Sep 8

Learning coding for most people is considered a difficult and useless skill. This is certainly not true because coding has many benefits for both the present and the future. For those who have never heard of this term and find it difficult, let's first learn what is coding and its benefits.

In simple terms, coding is an activity carried out by a programmer to be able to communicate with a computer. With this coding, the computer will execute the commands or information given by the programmer. But in order to run, the programmer must ensure that the information or commands entered are correct.

Easy Ways to Learn Coding

After learning what is coding, it's time to learn in more detail about how to learn easy coding. One of the keys to being able to learn coding properly is to choose a course that can help you understand the concepts and basics of coding. Well, fortunately there is now which is ready to help beginners to learn coding easily.

In addition to determining the right course, you also have to know how to learn to code the right way. To make it easier for you to learn coding, don't forget to pay attention and do the following:

1. Learn and Understand the Basic Concepts of Coding

Before learning more about coding, it's a good idea to first learn the basic concepts used in coding. In coding, there are 5 very important basic concepts, namely variables, data structures, control structures, syntax, and tools. Each of the basic concepts in coding is interconnected, so be sure to understand the meaning and function of each before learning any further.

2. Selecting a Programming Language

In addition to learning the basic concepts of coding, you also have to choose the programming language that you want to learn. In the world of coding, there are many programming languages ​​used such as JavaScript, SQL, Java, Python and many more. Each type of programming language has the same function but for different purposes.

To make it easier to learn coding, it's a good idea to choose one type of programming language first. That way, you will focus more on learning coding and not be confused with other programming languages.

3. Take a Coding Course

If you have determined the type of programming language you want to learn, then register for a coding course that is available, such as Here, you can choose the type of course you want and study in person or online! In addition, here there are various types of coding courses for children, beginners to professionals who want to improve their skills.

4. Learn People Coding

If you can't code yourself, then learn a coding language made by someone else. Other people's coding can be found easily in open sources such as online games or the internet. Next, study the coding and translate the meaning. If you have started to understand, then you already understand the basics of programming languages.

5. Start Practice

All the theory learned will be useless if it is not put into practice directly. After learning all the basic theory in coding, then it's time to try it directly on the software that has been chosen. To make sure you're doing it right, don't hesitate to ask your mentor or course.

Even though coding seems difficult, it will become easier when you learn in the right place. Well, for those who want to learn coding, please come to Is a place to learn coding that is easy and fun, both for children to adults. Apart from explaining the basics and what is coding, Coding Bee's online course will also help you learn how to code until you become an expert!

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