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Available Programs

Our program is for students at all skill levels, age 5 - 18, and process through a broad array of languages from visual programming languages to text-based languages such as Python, Java, Javascript and more.

Coding Bee Academy's proprietary coding curriculum has helped thousands of students learn to code, and is approved by parents and prestigious schools in Indonesia, and most importantly, loved by our students.

Coding Course for Your Child

Teach your child the most relevant skills they can learn today - Coding.

  • State-of-the-art and age-appropriate coding curriculum

  • 5 - 18 years old

  • No experience required

  • Skill-based learning philosophy

  • Learn coding to build various technology: software, mobile apps, websites, control robots & drones, and many more.

School STEM+ Program

TK - SD - SMP - SMA CCA/ECA Program

  • Established coding curriculum used by top schools in the country

  • Support National Curriculum

  • Support School's Learning Philosophy / Objectives

  • Learning to code in a stress-free and fun environment

  • Coding Camps

Coding Bee's Outreach Program

Learning to Code Beyond Classroom

  • Holistic approach to coding education

  • National & international coding competitions through our extensive partners

  • Holiday Coding Camps

  • And much more

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